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Not everything i have posted here have prints made of them. Converting an image to prints, along with shipping and handling is a significant investment and frankly, not everything that I’ve done is, nor should be, commercially viable.

These are the images that I currently have prints of and am selling.

Please be aware that when i paint, I always leave borders on all sides. The only time I’ve seen watercolor painters actually paint to the edge is (usually) when their masking tape has left residue on the paper and they have to crop the border away. If you look at my paintings, the white area you see is part of the original and thus, part of the print.

Please keep in mind that it’s entirely possible that I’ve run out of prints for any given painting. I will endeavor to replenish my stocks as soon as possible but it does take a few days as my printer is three hours from where i live. I ask for your understanding as i build my clientele and return my profits into making more prints.

Until I have a better sense of how much shipping will cost, I’ll only be able to ship to US and Canadian customers.

Thank you,

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