Nothing Ever Happens in Saskatchewan (triptych) | Prints Available

Title: Nothing Ever Happens in Saskatchewan
Media: Giclée print
Surface: Canson Arches Infinity Watercolor Paper
Size: 18″ x 4″ [≈45.7cm x 10.2cm]



I am fascinated by horizons.

Horizons are these things that we observe but they exist in our perception and our perception only.

I have this craving- this hunger that has gnawed at me for years. I want to travel to Alberta and Saskatchewan as autumn begins to wane, when the grasses and grains are dry, the sun barely warm and when the winds shift to the north and are tinged with the smell and the sting of the coming winter.

I want to spend days or even more than a week driving and walking across the Canadian plains watching fields of grasses move and sway as a sea of dancers, choreographed by wind, accompanied only by the waning days of autumn and orchestrated by the sounds of millions of stalks rustling and sliding against each other as they sing their aria of the summer behind, the impending winter and interrupted only by the occasional tributary and small town as i leave one horizon to discover another.

As I am with the ocean, I do not believe I could ever grow tired of the sound of the wind weaving itself through the grasses and grains.

As i said, horizons exist in perception only. But they have a characteristic that is worth noting- that as we travel, as we move, no matter the obstacles or no matter how futile it seems, horizons shift with every step. The change is almost always imperceptible; so incremental that it usually feels that nothing has changed.

But they do. Ever so slightly and beyond our ability to see it, horizons shift and change with every step we take.

And I am fascinated by horizons.

Nothing Ever Happens in Saskatchewan

part one: the visitor
part two: shift
part three: solstice

Note: originally created as three separate paintings, this print has all three images on it.


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