The last time i waited for her

Title: The last time i waited for her
Media: watercolors, pencil
Surface: 140# cold press


Normally I won’t discuss symbols or ideas of my work because once someone does that, it can contaminate the experience the viewer has. I have very strong feelings about artists that try and provide a narrative for their work before the viewers have an opportunity to experience that work and come away with their own observations and responses. Nonetheless, there was a personal experience that happened to me with this painting- and talking about it shouldn’t influence someone’s interpretation of this work.

When i started this, it was my sense it was going to be something casual and light. As it progressed, i found my mind wandering to someone that i once dearly, dearly loved. There’s not a direct or specific reference to her in this image. Instead, i found my sense of lighting and the title being influenced by the experience of losing her.


There are no prints of this painting available.

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